Don’t Vote!

October 11, 2017

Try Consensus instead. This from the man who’s urged everyone to vote all the time. But why? Well look around you; listen to the way politics is done today. Look at the antipathy and the violence of the language. People seem to be at war with one another. And its not just brexit, Trump and Putin who are doing it. So there has to be a different way of doing things.

That different way is talking round the table. That different way is trying to persuade someone of your argument knowing that without their approval you cannot move on. Listening to their argument knowing that they earnestly believe in it and want it to happen. Talking, listening and staying at the table until you have reached a joint way of making things happen. A way which is neither your ideal nor theirs but some middle way which gives all those at the table some ground, some ownership. This is called consensus. And don’t tell me its difficult, its impossible and no one can make it work because I know how difficult it is. And I know it can work and when it does the world seems a better place and all those difficulties you expected just disappear (with a little push).

I know because its the way the Green Party chooses to do its business only resorting to votes when that consensus totally escapes us. Its an amazing exercise because you know that to get your way you have got to take the others with you. Which means you have to listen hard to them to see what common ground you have that you can both build on. Then there’s the tentative steps forward constantly looking out for mines which means even harder listening, exploring with an open mind what could or could not be acceptable. It takes longer than a show of hands but it lasts longer than a show of hands too.

I’m not suggesting Teresa and Jeremy try it now. I’m suggesting when you go to your next scouts or church committee you try it there. Just once or twice suggest we don’t have a vote on this – lets all try and agree what to do. Without doubt everyone will shy away from it with countless reasons why not. Stick with it even just the one decision and maybe look at it next time. Which decision made the most sense? Was it the consensual one?

We have to try to change the way the world does business. We only have a few chances; why not take them?

Don’t vote but I may come back to this message nearer an election!!!


Its Complicated

September 29, 2017

A while back I started taking a few hints, quotes and tips loosely based on Pope Francis encyclical “Laudato Si” and sharing them here. Well I’m still plugging away with them in the weekly Parish Bulletin and I wanted to share one or two more. But talking to people who have seen activities first hand in the developing world I’m aware that things can get quite complicated even with the best will in the world.

So rather than just share one or two I want to take one such simple tip and see where it can lead us. The one I’ve taken has a quote from Pope Francis followed by a suggestion (from me!).

#242 St Joseph … can inspire us to work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us
* Make do and Mend. Jobs repairing our things are mostly local, requiring skilled craftsmen like St Joseph.

Right – Make Do and Mend – surely can’t be more straightforward and simple than that. Clearly if you keep something going longer you put off using more of the Earth’s precious resources which must be good, right? Also by mending you (or a local craftsperson) are learning new skills / using existing ones. You are keeping the jobs local. You are adding to the local economy. This is all very positive feel good stuff.

However such is the interconnectedness of modern society that by not buying newer stuff you are probably reducing the number of people in poor developing economies a job! Whilst they may have some family income the factory job producing that dress, tee shirt or toaster provides valuable extra income that enables them to support grandparents, children education etc. And your much loved old toaster may be grossly inefficient using bags more energy than a new one would.

Perhaps you can see its not too finely balanced this particular idea but there are pros and cons. And if there are considerations on both sides of such a seemingly simple notion of make do and mend its not a big step to see how other “good” ideas may come unstuck. This is not an attempt to depress everyone but to appreciate that crusading zeal sometimes is not appropriate. Compassion, thought and understanding help.

So, if its complicated why bother? And if I can’t decide till I have reams of facts how do I know what to do? Why shouldn’t I just shrug my shoulders and carry on like the others seem to do? Because there is injustice; there is deprivation and there are people (just like you and me) who struggle to feed their family. There are people who do not have the dignity of deciding their own fate.

And at the end of all this analysis it is actually really simple. Because you are a compassionate human being and you care about other human beings any decision you take in all conscience will be more often right than wrong. We all get it wrong sometimes but this shouldn’t stop us trying. And it shouldn’t blind us to the good we can do.

So be kind; think about the effect your actions have on others; care about each person and learn from any mistakes you make. Yes its complicated but its not beyond the love of one person for another person.

How lucky we are

June 17, 2017

Reflecting on the recent tragedies I am reminded that we are all vulnerable. At Westminster tourists were the innocent targets and also the rulers of our country. Then young people going to a pop concert were targeted. Followed by the well healed cognoscenti of Borough Market and now the social housing, the recent arrivals and oft vilified folk who keep our capital working.

No one has a pass from disaster. We are all equal in the eyes of that task master, Death. So it behoves us all to look around, smile at our neighbours and repeat how lucky we are to have such neighbours, such good fortune. Ooh yes I know many of us could do with a little more good fortune and I wish you all well in that but most of us have a roof over our heads, food on the table and clothes on our back. That’s a pretty good start compared to so many. I’ll not add the education, work, family, right to protest and all that stuff – actually its a bloody long list isn’t it?

So cry with those who mourn and never deny your humanity, flawed as it most undoubtedly is, but always remember in that quest moment before dawn. How lucky we are.

Tomorrow vote for all our tomorrows – Vote Green

June 7, 2017

Having just watched Channel 4 News where a wonderful looking man from Meadowell, North Tyneside talked about struggling, just managing and losing all your pride I am quite unashamedly asking you to vote for the Green Party. I am asking you to use your vote not to shake the world; not to form the next government but to vote for hope not hate. To think of the place you, your children and grandchildren will live in in the future. I am asking you to listen to the small voices that get drowned out in the shouting matches that elections become.

Quite simply vote for what you believe; for what your heart tells you is right.

We only have this vote, treasure it and turn it into a golden treasure. A green treasure?

Love and smile
All the while.

Still Caring for our Common Home…

June 4, 2017

On this Pentecost Sunday it seems more needed than ever to share thoughts about loving and caring together for our common home so I make no apologies for continuing my mini series. This time its
#206 Purchasing is always a moral – and not simply economic – act. That’s what Pope Francis said in Laudato Si.
Eat less meat, buying British meat. This means animals have been well looked after. Cows also cause climate change. That was my suggestion about how to make a moral choice!

Actually it amazes me just how significant our purchasing decisions can be. Look back at the boycott of South African goods in apartheid times. And closer to now the rise of organic farming, Fairtrade and other positive moves in compassionate farming (both for the animals and their human keepers!). I am reminded of a mini campaign I tried some years ago to support local shops. My proposal was for each of us to try and spend £5 a week in our local shop. Because we’d be buying things we needed it wouldn’t actually cost us £5 but clearly their prices would be more than our usual supermarket so maybe it might “cost” us £1 – not a lot actually for those of us on a reasonable income. So if significant numbers did that the turnover of that shop would increase. Once that happens they could start to decrease margins (i.e. prices) a little so our £5 might only “cost” us 75p; etc. And for those less mobile and less well off all that amounts to quite a big benefit.

On an end note to those ideas I know even British meat is not perfect but its a lot better than elsewhere and these tips are about improving where we are – not being perfect. I’ll leave that battle for others.

Our Common Home – A Mini Series

June 1, 2017

Every week we are sharing with fellow churchgoers in Harborne some quotes and tips about a letter Pope Francis wrote in 2015 called Laudato Si – On Care for Our Common Home. Often through the history of the Catholic Church Popes will issue letters called Encyclicals to make people think more deeply about particular subjects. Pope Francis is no exception except the way he does it is his own. Even the title’s is different not in Latin but old Italian (pause for astonishment!!). “LAUDATO SI’, mi’ Signore” – “Praise be to you, my Lord”. Its about how we should look after God’s creation, the Earth.

As a catholic I welcome it. As a green I’m cock a hoop! It distills much of the thinking since E F Schumacher wrote his book “Small is Beautiful” in 1973 about mankinds actions which are responsible for so much distress in our ecosystems today. So to have what amounts to a beautifully written and eminently readable study guide to the problem and our responsibilities for it all in a positive empowering tone is wonderful.

First two plugs – for the full text of the encyclical go to “” choose English and click on Encyclicals and you’ll see Laudato Si there. And secondly if you can vote Green do so next week. Its only a small thing but your vote will be seen by you for ever more.

We started with this quote from the first paragraph (all paragraph numbers are signalled by #)
#1 St Francis reminds us that our common home is like a beautiful mother who embraces us.
Our tip was
* Spend an hour outside, appreciating the gift of creation

The quote is about feeling responsible but in an emotional way. A mother is full of love, warm and consoling. So Pope Francis wants us to think about the world around us. It sustains us and gives us all we need just as a mother does in the first few months of our life. It is a theme he returns to many times – openly urging us to use our emotions to inform our thinking.

The tip is about putting ourselves into a position where we can notice things around us, even it is in the middle of a city. There are always trees, grass, weeds and other people to see. These things should remind us creation is not just for us alone. We share it and it provides for us.

I’ll talk a little about the other quotes and tips in other posts which will be a little more frequent from now on.

A Lenten Post

March 1, 2017

Sounds like I’ll be fencing! But it is a time to take stock and see what needs mending; what needs more work and how you can improve. I sat at a meeting yesterday listening to earnest people making their points and feeling rather smug. So thats something to change straight away, eh? Elsewhere we were chatting about the pernicious spread of social media platforms and how they can be manipulated to yield vast amounts of data about ourselves. perhaps more worryingly how that data can then be used to influence us in our choices; be that what shoes to buy or whom to vote for.

There is a way to overcome this and its just simple eyeball to eyeball contact. Good old fashioned talking to each other. But its no good doing that from the pulpit of Saint Sanctimonious Cathedral. You have to engage people where they are. Which brings me back to my feeling smug. You can’t be smug when you’re trying to engage with the person who’s just bumped into you because they were engrossed in their screen as they walked down the street.

There is a tremendous amount of smugness at the moment as well as the more obvious “violence” and dislike of others so its going to be a hard battle. And it begins in our hearts so that we can see the wonder of each human being just like Jesus did as He suffered in agony for everyone of us.

So by the end of this Lent I’m really not going to be as smug – honest, promise, cross my fingers, help…..

Moral Absolutes and Pragmatic Solutions

January 26, 2017

Heavy! But there are both and most of the time they seem to be at odds. For example to kill someone is wrong yet when you do so in self defence is it still wrong? Supposing you have done everything available to you at the time to avoid killing the other person. Whist this seems to be extreme it happens every day throughout the world whether in war or in violent relationships. It seems with the new president of the USA now in office and asking, nay commanding the unthinkable every day we have to confront just how we react.

Of course you will say what can I do in some small part of a small country just off the coast of Europe? And more importantly what effect will that have? And there my friend you have already strayed from the first half of the title to the second half. Essentially we start with what seems right to us. Many of us are guided in this by our different faiths, their teachings whether written down or passed on in an oral tradition. But it is not good enough to just accept without thinking our faith teachings – we must work to understand them, questioning and ensuring we know the discussions and how these teachings have arisen.

This will lead us to some Moral Absolutes; certainties of what is right and wrong. But when faced with life in all its complexities this is only the start. Every situation adds more nuances, grey areas and difficulties for our certainties. They do not change but are pushed this way and that straining how we understand and apply them. Lets just leave them there for the moment.

In politics we are told everything is possible; everything is justifiable if it gets the job done. So to achieve our end we can duck and dive, swerve around the rules and moral certainties – if the end is good enough. The end justifies the means. But we all know that is not true. What is true however is that certain actions work better than others in achieving particular goals. In considering this we are looking at Pragmatic Solutions.

So picking up our dilemma with our Moral Absolutes we look (in parallel) at the Pragmatic Solutions and work out if we can afford them (in moral terms). Just to take a current example we look at torture. Now quite possibly back on the agenda of the USA (or so it seems). The moral case is clear – no. The pragmatist asks does it work? But because there is a conflict we have to ask deeper questions – does it really work? In other words whilst yes you will get information by using torture is that information of sufficient quality and effectiveness to compensate for the immorality of the action?

For me the answer to that pragmatic question is contained in our legal system. No UK or indeed European Court of Law will consider information gained under torture as of sufficient quality to enable a successful prosecution. This after many years when information was routinely acquired that way. It is not reliable; hence not worthy of risking your moral code.

So by asking the pragmatic question it does not undermine your moral judgements in fact most often its the reverse. For by sticking to moral principles mankind has advanced to become the dominant species on this planet. We have done many wonderful things including nearly eradicating the disease of polio. So when we take our moral stand and say we believe the USA would be wrong to use torture we are not just being moral but being pragmatic and this surely must increase our determination to resist this awful thing.

Now we can further ask what effect our action will have, but after we have resolved to take action in any event. I’m sure as Mr Trump blunders along his presidency there will be many other chances to consider Moral Absolutes and Pragmatic Solutions.. Lets hope we’re not the only ones doing it!

Are We God?

December 23, 2016

Two interesting things happened on Sunday. First was the sermon about the readings. The priest suggested that as God had taken our human form maybe we should be taking on his God like form. A sort of cheeky suggestion but as he pointed out the readings seem to support this view. So are we supposed to be like God?

Second was a thought that occurs most years at this time. 40 years ago my sister who largely bought me up died in very tragic circumstances such that in conventional terms it would seem to strain the mercy of God. But it always seemed to me to precisely proof the infinite and mysteriousness of God’s mercy. Probably in large part because of my mothers faith in a loving and caring God who although at times very weird was always near us. We are very much an amalgam of the people we have known and loved / admired and for me no more so than with my sister and mother. This is what makes us who we are taken with our experiences of this world.

So if we are God like and we are this amalgam of others maybe God is the summation of all of us, past present and to come. We are always quite quick to point out the wonders and capabilities of mankind. What if the infinite God we worship is the summation of all this wonder?

I don’t quite know where all this has came from but it seems to me even if its a bit off mark it bears thinking about. Mainly because it reinforces the message of Christmas for me. God, the most powerful thing / person ever, took the most vulnerable human form he could – that of new born defenceless baby in filthy terrifying conditions. Just maybe he was pointing back at us and the amazing miracle that is human life.

Perhaps this Christmas we can all learn to treasure that gift a bit more – even if its not so Godlike at times.


Christmas – A Blog

December 9, 2016

OK it feels a little early but I think most people have spotted its on the horizon and wth Advent actually upon us I figure its safe to start talking about it. Many people of course have not just been talking about it but putting up the trees and decorations and lights for weeks now! So here goes.

A few months ago when it was a distant celebration hardly on most of our horizons I heard someone say we need to be a bit more relaxed about Christmas. Not the celebration but other people’s approach to it, particularly those who obviously wished it could be Christmas every day. You know the ones – tinsel up by mid September. Well this person was suggesting it was up to us; we could get really upset or we could relax and enjoy their excitement alongside the tinsel time brigade.

We recently tried this with a guy who having already decorated the street tree outside his house was busy building a massive wreath on his front door. We said how nice the tree now looked and the conversation flowed from there. He was evidently having great fun and we left feeling happy and sharing his sense of fun. So now instead of being upset by his appropriation of a public tree we can smile at the sense of fun that did it.
So that’s where I’m starting from (sometime in September!) sharing in the enjoyment of others and not being judgemental.

My next topic is 2016 – what a year. First we had the blatant lies of the Leave Campaign in the referendum. Then we had the entirely negative scary stories of the Remain Campaign (albeit probably quite reasonable but hardly likely to inspire). Followed by people voting to leave – well possibly voting to leave although most certainly voting against establishment politics and the cosy Westminster bubble. So we had Brexit and the plunge in the pound – hitting the ordinary person in the street planning to go on holiday in July and August! The stock market meanwhile rose to ever higher levels increasing the wealthiest’s fortunes still further! Next down the line came the US elections and Donald Trump with his invective and divisive form of politics. Now we have the Italians voting their Prime Minister out with the French giving their President the cold shoulder and encouraging Marine Le Pen again with her divisive message. And I forgot at the start of the year we saw all the refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Sudan fenced out of Europe. But it was OK because we did a deal with a “dictatorship” in Turkey who in response to a coup attempt (not very well organised by the look of it) arrested everybody they could get their hands on – over 35,000!

So that was the year that was; in the words of That show – its gone so let it go. But can we or will it haunt us forever in our history books? OK Simpson take a positive message from all that, if you can.

Well yes I can. First all the pictures of refugees in the media included (though maybe not on the front page) those showing incredible acts of kindness; individual, group and in Germany’s case whole countries. We’d do well to remember those – maybe we were involved in them anyway. Then there is the very big message that very big change is possible. Yes it was all pretty negative this year but who says it can’t be positive next year? Its up to each one to make our voices heard. For evil to triumph it just needs good men to stay silent; so shout up.

And when you’ve considered all those wonderful positive meanings I come back to Christmas – not the bright lights but the cold stable. Where Christians believe the creator of everything – the worlds first superhero – was born as a helpless small child to working class parents, temporarily homeless and in the company of animals and shepherds. Now that really was a bad year; it even got worse when they had to flee their small home and go hundreds of miles to a strange country. (Sound familiar??)

I don’t pretend to be original but looking at others around us, sharing their fun, holding on to the lessons of this year but doing something about them and then remembering the real quiet overwhelming message of Christmas. Well that’s quite something and I’m proud to put these little words out there into the ether where maybe no one will notice but maybe someone will.

So bless you and keep you safe and may all your days be like Christmas – just without too much tinsel.